Pair your Latch account


Latch mobile application required

You need to have the Latch application installed on your mobile phone.
You can install it from your mobile phone's application store.


Application Configuration

If you have not configured your Latch application, you need to do that first: Configure your Latch application

  1. Sign in into your Umbraco backoffice and go to the Latch section.

Latch section in the Umbraco backoffice.

  1. Go to Settings -> Pairing

Umbraco Latch pairing settings option.

  1. Sign in into the Latch mobile application.

Latch mobile application login page.

  1. Tap on the "Pair with Latch" button.

Pair button on the Latch mobile application.

  1. Tap on the "Generate new code" button.

Generate new code button on the Latch mobile application.

  1. In the Umbraco backoffice, enter the code into the "Pairing Code" field before it expires and click on the "Pair" button.

Pairing code on the Latch mobile application.


Entering a Latch pairing code.

  1. You should receive a notification on the Latch mobile application saying that your account has been paired successfully.

Pairing notification on the Latch mobile application.

  1. You should see your account id in the Umbraco backoffice.

Once you have paired your account, you can start protecting different operations in the CMS, you can find more information about this on the usage section of this documentation.


Default Operation

Umbraco Latch automatically creates an operation called "Login All" that allows you to protect the Umbraco backoffice access, you can see more information at: Protecting the Umbraco backoffice login page.