What is Umbraco Latch?

Umbraco Latch is a package for the open source Umbraco CMS that integrates the Latch service within the backoffice, allowing you to protect different operations in the CMS.

The integration was made from an administrator point of view. This means that there will be only one Latch account that controls all the configured operations.

What can I protect with Umbraco Latch?

This package allows you to protect:

  • The Umbraco backoffice access.
  • The delete, publish and unpublish operations on any content page.
  • The delete operation on media items.
  • The delete operation on dictionary items.

Additionally, it allows you to apply the protection to all the CMS users or only to a portion of them on any operation.

Can you give me some use cases?

  • You can configure the Latch mobile application to automatically lock an operation at a specific time so you could allow access to the backoffice only during working hours.
  • You could lock the unpublish action in a critical page, for instance, the landing page for Black Friday.
  • You could lock the delete operation on media items to a segment of users so you can be sure they will not delete critical media information.
  • You could automatically lock or unlock the publish operation at a specific time so you can control your publish workflow. For example, nothing can't be published after 5:00 p.m.
  • You could lock the delete operation on dictionary items to non translator users.

Video demonstration